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Company culture

Company culture


Strict quality control system, sound and perfect corporate system, creative development, and become a leader in the scientific research service industry.
For customers: create the most sincere and sincere quality products and services
For employees: create fair and creative growth space
To the society: provide high-quality biological scientific research products and professional advanced testing services

Serve life sciences and create a better tomorrow

Professionalism, honesty, trustworthiness, innovation

Commitment, excellence, win-win, development, gratitude
Talent Concept

People-oriented and talented
Hengyuan adheres to "people-oriented, talents and good use", advocates "people are core capital", uses talents fairly and creatively, and provides employees with sufficient stage to develop and grow as much as possible. The company respects the individuality of every employee, respects their personal wishes, and respects their right to choose. Relying on this view of talents, Hengyuan will further improve the scientific and reasonable human resource management mechanism and create a good room for talent growth.

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