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Imported serum

Imported serum

Sv30160.03 fetal bovine serum

Sv30160.03 fetal bovine serum

Hengyuan bio mainly sells serum of GIBCO, hyclone, biological industries, sigma and other brands, with a variety of serum, including fetal bovine serum, calf serum, horse serum and other animal serum. Serum quality is stable, low endotoxin, no bacteria, mycoplasma, bacteriophage, virus and other pollution, no external factors, no hormone and so on. After nearly 1000 cell lines, more than 500 kinds of primary cells, more than 100000 times of cell culture verification, only for you to use at ease. Hengyuan bio has been providing high-quality serum for the majority of drug R & D, vaccine R & D enterprises, hospitals, universities and other scientific research institutions. Welcome to inquire!

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