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Experimental principle

Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) is a polymorphism caused by a single nucleotide variation (substitution, insertion or deletion) at the same position in the genomic DNA sequence between individuals. There are differences in a single nucleotide at the same position in the genomic DNA sequence of different species and individuals. Such different loci, DNA sequences, etc. can be used as markers for genome mapping. On average, about one SNP change per 1000 nucleotides in the human genome, some SNPs may be related to diseases, but most of them may not be related to diseases. Single nucleotide polymorphism is an important basis for studying the genetic variation of human family and animal and plant strains.

Experiment process

Hengyuan Biotech can provide a variety of SNP detection methods such as direct sequencing, taqman probe method, massarray, etc., and recommend appropriate methods for detection based on the information on the site to be tested and the number of samples provided by the customer.

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