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ELISA Customized Service

ELISA Customized Service

ELISA Kit customization service

You can provide specific antibodies and high-purity antigens. Hengyuan biology can develop specific ELISA kits according to your individual needs. ELISA sandwich method, competitive method (antigen determination), indirect method (antibody determination) or competitive method (small molecule compound determination) can be used to quantitatively detect protein content.

Provide materials

Materials to be provided by customers: target protein or small molecule compound; corresponding antibodies, if detected by sandwich method, need antibody pairs (mAb / mAb or mAb / mAb) for different epitopes.

Materials provided by the company: commercial antibodies or antibody pairs purchased by Hengyuan biology on behalf of customers, or antigens provided by customers, monoclonal antibodies and polyclonal antibodies prepared by Hengyuan biology are used in the development of kits; biotin labeling of antibodies; imported enzyme labeled plates; related enzyme labeled secondary antibodies or enzyme labeled reagents; corresponding buffers; color development systems, etc.

If the customer wants to specify the reagent, please explain in advance.

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