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Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of blood free culture media?

Each product has its own strengths, and a synthetic culture medium that can reproduce in vitro for a long time without adding any serum is called serum-free culture medium. It has now been widely used to cultivate mammalian cells to prepare monoclonal antibodies, recombinant proteins, and viral antigens. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of serum-free culture media? Let's take a look with the editor from Hengyuan!

The advantages of blood free culture medium are explained in detail:
1. Due to its absence of magazine proteins, it is easier to achieve component control during cell culture;
2. Serum free culture medium can selectively promote the growth of special types of cells;
3. It can also choose the type, concentration, and other inducing factors of growth factors, thereby converting the culture medium that promotes cell growth and proliferation into a culture medium that induces cell differentiation;
4. It can prevent serum components from affecting experimental research and avoid serum contamination of cells.

Shortcomings of bloodless culture medium:
1. Cells are susceptible to certain mechanical and chemical factors in serum-free culture medium, and the preservation and application of culture medium are not as convenient as traditional synthetic culture medium.
2. The cost is relatively high.
3. Highly targeted, a serum-free culture medium is only suitable for the cultivation of a certain type of cells.

What are the components of serum-free culture medium?
1. Generally, the main component of serum-free culture medium is the basic culture medium. Many use a mixture of HamF12 and DMEM culture medium (1:1), and then add 15mM of HEPES and 1.2g/L of NaHCO3 as needed, all of which depend on the needs of the cells
2. Additional ingredients mainly include extracellular matrix that can help cells attach quickly, and nutrients are essential. It can help cells proliferate quickly, produce various growth factors, and add some protease inhibitors after blood collection.

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