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Good luck with the s...

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Good luck with the start of construction, starting a new chapter!

A new beginning in your career, with great luck and joy, everything is within reach! Hengyuan Biotechnology officially started construction today! Full of joy and anticipation, in the days to come, we will do our best to bring better service and experience to everyone with our professionalism and enthusiasm. Let's cheer together!

On the first day of work in the new year, starting from a busy schedule, customers with experimental needs are welcome to inquire and order. Express delivery will be resumed, and everyone's orders will be sent out one after another. Hengyuan Biotechnology will do its best to provide professional services and one-on-one technical guidance to everyone.

Shanghai Hengyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. thanks all the teachers for their strong support over the years. A new year, a new journey! New hope, new face! In 2024, may our wishes come true and everything be grand! Service hotline: 400-0899-208

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