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Congratulations to T...

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Congratulations to Teacher Wang for receiving the scholarship, SCI literature score of 29.4!

Let's congratulate Mr. Wang from the Sixth People's Hospital of Shanghai on successfully passing the SCI literature "Targeted Macrophage CRISPR-Cas13 mRNA Editing in Immunotherapy for Tendon Trial" published in the authoritative journal "ADVANCED MATERIALS" using the independent brand ELISA kit of Hengyuan Biotechnology. The IF impact factor is as high as 29.4 points! Congratulations to Teacher Wang for successfully winning the Hengyuan Biology Scholarship, and thank you for your trust and support in Hengyuan Biology.

I hope the following literature can help you understand the current research progress and our core technologies. Teachers are welcome to contact us for consultation and provide feedback. An excellent SCI literature requires a lot of effort and sweat, and many of the experimental methods and ideas in it are worth learning. Through literature, we can also have a better understanding of the product. If you have also published SCI literature using the ELIA reagent kit of the Hengyuan brand, we welcome you to actively participate in our "Winning Scholarship through Paper Publishing" activity. Perhaps you will be the next recipient of the scholarship! Service hotline: 400-0899-208

【Document Title】Targeted Macrophage CRISPR-Cas13 mRNA Editing in Immunotherapy for Tendon Injury
【author】Shuo Wang, Yao Xiao, Jian Tian,et.al
【Affiliation】Shanghai Sixth People’s Hospital Affiliated
【Products cited in literature】
Mouse Osteopontin (OPN) ELISA Kit
Mouse secreted phosphoprotein 1 (SPP1) ELISA kit
【Publishing journals】《ADVANCED MATERIALS》
【Original product citation】
OPN (encoded by SPP1 and OPN) was purchased from Shanghai Hengyuan Biochemical Reagent Co., Ltd. (Shanghai, China). LPS (HY-D1056) and recombinant OPN (HY-P78358) derived from mice were acquired from MedChemExpress (Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA). Rabbit OPN, -SMA, CD68, Col I, Col III, and -actin primary antibodies were sourced from Cell Signaling Technology (Danvers, MA, USA).

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